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Honest Review: The BOSS – a feminist movie with a lot of fart jokes and Tyrion Lannister

I was sick with the flu so I splurged on Amazon Prime, because that is what the modern human does. I saw some movies through a screenwriter/scriptreader perspective and some impressed me, some did not.

I saw 4 movies: Spectre (a James Bond movie; here is the review), Sisters (with Tina freakin’ Fey), The Internship (with Owen Wilson) and The Boss, which I will be discussing today.

If I had no idea that Spectre was a Bond movie, I would have probably said PASS on that screenplay. The same with The Boss. Or RECOMMEND some massive re-writes!

The Boss, or Melissa McCarty wearing a turtleneck for no apparent reason


Overall, the movie was ok, but had a horrible fight scene at the end. I don’t know how Peter Dinklage found that acceptable. Shame on you, Peter! (still ❤ you!). Then again, it was right up Melissa McCarthy’s alley. Her A-list title and her acting saved the not-so-awesome screenplay which she co-wrote.

The Boss is an American Comedy filled with fart-jokes, and when I say that I do not mean literal farts. A fart-joke in a movie is to me a very poor, sometimes badly placed, funny element, who would make idiots laugh, but to the normal audience it just feels out-of-place. One example is MM’s character tests a pull-out couch, but the strings backfire and smashes MM against the wall. The point of that? Have no idea.

Let’s do the laurasgotzthis ABCs:

A(action): I loved it. The opening scene after the Teaser was mind-blowing! MM on a freaking flying, burning… what was that? A lion? Brilliant. It had a lot of funny elements, some better than others. I liked the vibe the action sometimes had, filled with female empowerment. There was also a twisted live story in there, but I am not going to rob you of the joy of finding what that was on your own!

boss giff.gif

The MAJOR flaw was the final fight scene, when MM and Tyrion Lannister play it out with actual ninja swords! The F? Why? WHY!? Totally ruined it for me. I was going to give it a A because of the fart-jokes, but after that scene, the movie is a B- at best.

B(boom): Yes! MM loses everything – her money, friends and credibility! Awesome motivation to change your life around. Or is it…?

C(character): A lot of comedies do not focus on character development that much. The Boss is different. It gives a ”family movie” kind of feeling to it because of it. You get each character’s motivation and you can relate to them. I loved how the movie was female dominated and that MM played a very strong, however flawed, woman. + great acting, from all of the actors (including the funny guy who played in REAPER; why did they cancel that show!?)boss1

D(dialogue): Sometimes there was a lot of conversational/pointless dialogue, which I think Americans use to show character. No. It does not work. I bet people can find more clever ways to do it.


What is girl-on-girl action?


E(education): Yes! Women can kick ass in business. Women should take risks, like Kristen Bell, aka. Veronica Mars, did in this movie – a single mom quitting her job to start her own company and finally taking a chance on the nice guy at the office. Be assertive! Be a Darnell’s Darling!


I recommend this movie to feminists who want to have a good time 😀 It is not going to be the best movie of the year, but it will bring out some laughs and the acting is great!

Have fun and I would love to hear your view on this movie!


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The Boss (an American Comedy)

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Honest Review: 007 Spectre – sex, guns, helicopters (in that order)

There is an upside to having the flu and high fever: I couldn’t literally do anything else around the house besides shivering under the covers and watching movies. So I guess getting sick was actually a blessing, because I could catch up on some films I have been dying to cross off my list.

Thanks AMAZON PRIME! I pay good money for you and you actually deliver!

I saw 4 movies the other day: SPECTRE, The Boss(click for the review), Sisters and The Internship, which I will be reviewing this week.

It might be the fact that I have now more knowledge in film-making than before, but I have to say, I was quite disappointed with the first two.

SPECTRE – the last of the 007 movies (for now)

If you check out my Instagram feed, you will see some posts about this movie. I made them while I was watching it. NOTE TO ANYONE – if you are instagraming while watching a movie, the movie ain’t that good. Spoiler alert much?

So 5 minutes in, after a long and boring intro, Bond had already kissed a girl, shot some bad guys, survived without a scratch (or a concussion; he does that a lot) from a collapsing building and high jacked a helicopter. This is what you would expect from a James Bond movie. Sad to say this was the highlight of the film.

What happened after that was even more full of clichés, landscape views of buildings and boat rides, for no freaking good reason! Guess Bond loves boats. And planes.

So let’s do the laurasgotzthis ABC review:

A(action): Yes, it is a Bond movies, so it has to be filled with action. I don’t know why Bond had to almost shag a woman in the first minute, just to get on a roof… but ok. If you like fights, and car chases, and explosions and all of that macho-adrenaline stuff, then it is the thing for you. The screenwriters/producers/or whoever approved the final script did a BAD thing involving FEELINGS into the story, mainly because they did not develop the characters enough to support this emotional layer. They did a better job at it with SKYFALL. Or maybe that was just the effect of the marvelous Dame Judy Dench.

B(boom!): If I hadn’t know it was a Bond movie, I would have been really dissapointed, since I did not understand what the fudge he was doing in Mexico (shooting people is not a conflict, guys). 20 min. in we finally find out why Bond went rogue in the first 10 min. M left him a message beyond the grave, and that is so sweet/loyal/heroic of him to follow her last orders. Draws tears to your eyes, right? For that one second, because they did not develop this BOOM point! I know the film-makers wanted to make it all about James’s past and BU-HU (without the lack of character development as I mentioned), but M’s message was the catalizator of this whole F story! Big reveal… and CUT TO a fancy car. They had 2 more hours to make it better, but they cluttered the action plot with even more, diverse emotional crap that did not have its place. It all goes downhill from the 20th min.


C(character): I did not get this: did they want to give Bond feelings? Is this what they were trying to do? I get it. In the modern era, the audience wants more character driven movies. The heroes have to be damaged. But we are talking about JAMES BOND, people! All we expect him to do is shag beautiful girls and jump out of burning cars! Emotions in Bond movies!? Yew!

Let’s talk about Bond. So he wants to… discover something about his past, I guess. The little orphan turned super spy. YAWN! Does he want to catch the bad guy because he wants to solve the mystery of what happened to his foster dad or because he wants to save the world? Or both? I have no idea. His emotions were left hanging in the air. Maybe bad writing, maybe bad acting. Don’t know. For me, if you have EMOTIONS in the movie, you have to develop them properly. If not, they are just bad props. I am fine with just the burning boats, or cars! and the occasional emotionless fornication.

The villain! If Christoph Walz had not played him, I would have been so bored with this guy! Really!? Jesus! I think he’s the worst, less interesting bad guy of all the Bond movies. ”It was me, all along! Let’s drill inside your head, for no particular reason and with no effect to you or to the story – EVER!”

The women: Just… really?

Original laurasgotzthis quote

What was the deal with the first lady, who he did not BOINK? He could have just found his way to the rooftop on his own.

2nd woman: Monica Belluci, a big yes! Saved 5 min. of the movie! Amazing back-story to this woman! She played the widow brilliantly! That was the only scene in SPECTRE where I felt scared: when the hit men tried to kill her- because she is a great actress and I could see the FEAR running through her whole body. I don’t know why 007 had to ”give it” to her, but whatever. Bond movie.

The 3rd girl – a beautiful, smart, young woman who knows a secret, but who gets kidnapped a lot and, of course, does the nasty with Bond. *sigh*. First of all, the writers made her character a woman JUST so that Bond can f*ck her! Awful character development and bad acting! So bad! Yes, PRETTY gives you the job, especially in a Bond movie. Second of all, why did the film-makers, yet again, made her so helpless and powerless? We learn she knows how to shoot a gun. She seems smart and self sufficient. Why does she not fight back and Bond always has to save her?

D(dialogue): You know when you are getting it on and the other person speaks off track? Yup. Dialogue is overrated in action movies. The only good things about it are actually the clichés! I *sigh* and *eye-roll* a 1000 times during this movie.

james 1.png

E(education): So not a feminist movie! Hello!? 20st century called! They want their ” beautiful lady in distress” back! Moneypenny was the only hard-ass woman on the show and she just sat on her computer and held mysterious phone conversations from enclosed spaces! The fudge? No. SPECTRE does not bring anything new. Not to the BOND franchise, not to the ACTION MOVIE franchise.

Overall, Spectre was a dissapointment. If you want a real action movie, I recommend you focus on THE EXPENDABLES series. I hope they do a better job with the next 007 movie, but I pray it’s not going to be about Cristoph Walz’s character again! Burry him! Burry him under a glacier somewhere!

What did YOU think about SPECTRE? See you in the comments!


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SPECTRE (a 007 movie)

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A not so feminist Christmas movie

Because Christmas is around the corner, my husband wanted to watch his favorite holiday movie, Christmas Vacation, with Chevy Chase as the patriarch of the Griswalds.


I also enjoy the movie and I remember loving it as a child. It‘s a good comedy. Seeing it again after many years, my opinion of it has changed quite a bit though. As a grown-up, I have interpreted it from a feminist point of view and I must say, this movie does not belong on my list of feminist movies. Why?

  • Misses Griswald is very pretty… and that compensates for her lack of brains; check out that cleavage! Plus, did you see how she behaves and the way she talks? Life-size Barbie right there! Stereotypical supporting female character.
  • Nowhere in the movie do we get a hint that she also has a job, so we suspect she is a housewife. Not that that‘s a bad thing. But still, she has two grown kids who could do well without a stay-at-home mom. I know I kept asking myself during the movie: does she just does not want to work or is she too stupid to hold down a job? Maybe if she had also had a job, her family would not have been so dependent on dad‘s Christmas bonus.
  • She and her daughter do the ‘‘girl-thing‘‘ and cook for the family while Mr. Griswald and his son are responsible for the ‘‘man-thing‘‘ and decorate the house‘s exterior with Christmas lights. Typical! Why, even in the modern movies, do the men meet for football&beer on the couch while their wives cook and chat in the kitchen!?
  • Let‘s not even talk about the low percentage of female characters and how little screen time and speaking lines they get.
  • However, let‘s not forget the movie was filmed in the late 80‘ – as if that‘s a good excuse for misogyny.
  • Oh, and heads up! The other Griswald movies are the same, so don‘t expect anything different!

From a feminist point of view, this movie belongs in the WOMEN AS PROPS FOR SHOW category.

If you want to have a good laugh with the whole family, I recommend it. If you want to see some Girl-Power, you‘d have more luck watching Powerpuff Girls.

BTW, my favorite holiday movie is The Grinch. The girl leaves the rich man for the poor and ugly Grinch? Talk about love conquers all!

How about your favorite Christmas movie? Are you still satisfied with it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Vacation ’89 (US Comedy)

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How do you review movies/series? Here is my 5 Paws criteria.

I am, of course, not the only one in the world that binge-watches series constantly. So I am always looking for new, exciting series. I can go with any genre, as long as the story is interesting and the characters are unique and seem REAL.

What do I mean with REAL characters? They are all fake, make-believe, fictional, whatever. Yes. But that does not mean that they shouldn’t have a soul. Depending on the actor that portrays a specific character, you get another feeling from it. I am sad to say that, especially in comedies, almost all characters act and feel the same. They are thus unlikable. You can have an amazing story but if the characters seem FAKE or just blend in with other characters, the audience will notice and their interest to watch further will drop.

My CRITERIA (5 Paws Imagini pentru paw gif)

  • A (action): If C and B work, then I’ll focus on the story. Could it be real? Is there a causality relationship between events or do some things happen out of the blue JUST to help the character/drive the story further? I hate plot holes.
  • B (boom): I am also looking for the HOOK, the BOOM! A show has to catch my attention very fast, like in the first 5, maximum 10 minutes. If not, bye-bye (and I rarely give shows a second chance).
  • C (character): I need to CARE for the character. If I don’t care, I’m not going to be motivated enough to watch the next episode (sometimes I just switch series after 5 minutes).
  • D (dialogue): I am not that focused on the quality of Dialogue but more on how it has been adjusted to the situation. Sometimes I’ll hear some cliché, supposed-to-be-funny dialogue mixed up in an ordinary/uninteresting situation. The situation has to be funny in order to make me laugh and the dialogue adds another 10% to the laughter.
  • E (education): I want to learn something from every show. I want to see important themes being discussed. The show is not about just the main character, but about the whole world!


Here is a list of series I do or do not recommend.

I would appreciate feedback from you guys! And new recommendations!

Here are just a short list of the series I can remember at the moment^^

Laurasgotzthis DOs:

  • Everybody loves Raymond (4xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Friends (5xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Modern family (4xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Monk (5xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Sex and the city (5xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • The big bang theory (5xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Will&Grace (5xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • How to get away with murder (5xImagini pentru paw gif)

Laurasgotzthis DON’Ts:

Laurasgotzthis MAYBEs:

  • Glitch (3xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (4xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Home improvement (4xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • House (4 xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • Star Trek (all series (5xImagini pentru paw gif)
  • The Frankie Drake Mysteries (3xImagini pentru paw gif)


So you were looking for a PENIS song? Yes? I found one.

The day started like any other day. Therefore the last thing I was expecting while streaming for a new series was a song about penises. Well, actually, about Jeff’s penis.

You can check this baby out here: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 3, Episode 7, Getting over Jeff

I have never watched this series till today and I had no interest in it before. I only wanted to watch something new while I was having lunch (yes, I eat&stream).

So I just clicked on a random episode and waited with anticipation to get entertained.

It was awful. Awkward. A bit too much. And that says a lot, coming from a gynecologist! I will not view another episode, but let me sum up today’s story just to make it clearer why:

  • the main character, I suppose she is somehow someone’s crazy ex, tried to commit suicide on the plane by taking pills; who does that!? Really!? On the plane?
  • then comes the PENIS song; the secondary character dances and sings in the supermarket about her ex’s totally amazing penis and how she first, well, rubbed it;
  • then another creepy song about MY FRIEND’S DAD, where the young, female main character has fun with an old, male character, who, at the end of the song, tells her he thinks about her naked; yew!
  • best part was some bartender’s infected pimple exploding, the puss flying through the air and landing in someone else’s drink; yeah, that happened!

Good parts:

  • there was a gay couple who broke up because one wanted kids and the other didn’t; the matter was dealt with OK-ish;
  • the secondary female character pondered about cheating on her husband, because she felt neglected by him; great interior conflict, poorly resolved but I’ll let it count as a succes;

I have no idea if the rest of the show is like that, but it was enough for me to say PASS.

+ the humor was lame and the characters, apart from the secondary female character and the older gay guy(not good with names), had no humanity. They all felt like puppets saying their lines.

+I hate musicals 99% of the time!

How about you? Do you watch the series? If not, would you? At least the part with the penis song (10 min. in)?

Would love to chat!

Have a great Saturday!


Laurasgotzthis Review

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (US Comedy Series)






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