A love of the written word

Laura is a German best-selling author, award-winning doctor and an international life-coach. Born in Romania, the original land of Dracula, she draws inspiration from eastern folklore for her fantasy series, while using her upbringing in the ex-comunist country to lay out self-help books for the modern woman.

As a board-certified gynecologist, Laura is a passionate activist for women’s health. Her outstanding work on her free online medical platform has earned her the Champion of the Year Award from Global Woman Organisation and the German Medical Award in 2020.

In her work as a life-coach, Laura integrates psychosomatic and biohacking, in order to effectively help the people who specifically seek her help.

” People always ask me when and how do I find the time and energy to do it all and I feel bad just shrouding shoudlers, because I cannot give an answer to a problem I don’t have. I guess that, when you love what you do, you magically find all the resources you need. ”

L. S. Götz – author coach

Laura developed a passion for writing at a young age and published poetry and fiction in school related projects. In 2003 she began to write the series she is best known for. The Viscount of the lost Verentia got the nickname The Harry Potter of Romania soon after the launch in 2018. Originally written in Romanian, the series has attracted the interest of many English booklovers, and is set to appear in English in late 2021.

The novelist dabbles in other forms of writing, contributing to worldwide projects as a journalist, screenwriter and playrighter. She has worked with many professionals in the field such as Chris Jones (photo, film producer and director of the London Screenwriter Festival), Scott Myers (Hollywood producer), Lucy V Hay (international best-selling author), Pillar Alessandra (Hollywood writing coach), Charles Harris (script consultant).

In 2020 Laura co-produced an award-winning short film The Sands of Time alongside brilliant British director James Hughes.

1st screening during Corona pandemic

Her own publishing company offers services to creatives all over the world, from the basic 1-pager consulting to printing their physical book.

NV Publishing

The success of her YouTube writing tutorials in Romanian has led her to create a Storytelling course in English and German, which writers can book now as a Zoom-Live course.

Growing up I had very few people belive in me. Through my books and my mentoring I am offering creatives the support they need to continue fighting for their dreams! On your death bed, you regret only the things you haven’t done, so write THAT book, paint THAT painting and BE true to yourself!

L. S. Götz – author coach