Publishing is easy – if you know the right people

Publishing is a structured process, just like any other. If you know the steps, it becomes a natural routine. We can help you during the whole writing and publishing process if you decide to work with us. No matter which way you choose to carry on with your project, these steps are 100% necessary for a successful book launch.


Write YOUR book! Check here our Author Support Section and get professional help finishing your first draft.


Edit your book! Never send your first version to publishers. Always go at least one round of proof-reading and copy-editing (to sort out mishaps from basic grammatical errors to text clarity).

Your journey stops here if you want to send your book to publishers.

step 1*

Decide: traditional publishing or self-publishing? If you want a publisher to pick up your book, you will need to apply with your project and wait for an answer. Most publishing houses only accept enquieries from literary agents (direct submission is not allowed).

Laura can help you prepare your submission.

step 2

Typeset your book! Printing a MsWord document like back in highschool won’t cut it. There are standards to respect, in order for your book to look as professional as any other title in the bookshop. Special software is usually needed (oficial title page, table of contents, special designs, etc.).

step 3

ISBN number: this makes your book legal, like a personal ID number. The author can purchase it her/himself, or the publishing house takes care of it.

step 4

Get an awesome book cover! The cover sells, so unless you are a designer yourself, leave this to the professionals.

And don’t forget, the back cover is just as important: blurb, testimonial, integrated ISBN number, etc.

step 5

Print your book! After deciding the types of paper for your book, all you need is to give the GO AHEAD for your soft/hardcover and you will have completed your first book project! Congratulations, you are a published author!

step 5*

Publish online: there are many ways you can go about this and most platforms allow you to upload for free. They each have their own requirements however, so always read the fine print!

step 6

Market your book! A good author coach will adress this aspect as early as step zero, because it can have a masive impact on the future of the book. This is expert teritory and some small acts will determine if the book will most likely fail or succeed. So ask for assistance.

Laura and her team at NV Publishing House can assist you in every step on your publishing journey. Save the time and energy you need for writing, in stead of researching how to achive all of those steps!

With the right help, you CAN be a published author in under 12 months and even achieve bestseller status if you use the right strategy!

If this is your dream, to get your name on an amazing book, then start working on it now!

You. Can. Do. It!

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