With extensive experience in writing, publishing and marketing, Laura can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a published author! There are thousands of articles on HOW TO out there, but not many focus on personalised advice.

Not all authors are the same. Not all authors ”make it” from the first try. Yet again, not all authors want to. Staying local and having a small fan base is the dream for some writers. Whatever your objectives are though, if you don’t publish your first book, you won’t make it past stage ONE.

If you are a wannabe writer, Laura will help you start your journey towards publishing. She will give you a shortcut and spare you reading dozens of HOW TO articles which may not even apply to you. Get in touch for a consulation and get a step-by-step personalised programme that will get you from IDEA to BOOK.

No matter how experienced you are as a writer, it always helps to get a second opinion. Are you stuck with your story? Are you unsure if your plot is strong enough to hold your story? Don’t really know if your draft is ready? Normal editors won’t give more feedback other than grammar slip-ups. Talk to a writer who knows what it’s all about.

During a consulting session you can discuss:

  • Author website page and other social media aspects
  • Applying to agents, query letter, synopsis
  • Screenplay concept / format
  • Novel concept / format
  • Non-fiction concept / format

Do you have a strong story concept?

From LOGLINE, to OUTLINE, to CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. If the basiscs aren’t clear to you, they won’t be to anybody else. Agents and editors don’t have the time to figure out what you want to say. Talk to Laura and get your story message straight. What is your story about? Why would anybody want to read it? Why would anybody care about your character? Let’s have a chat and pimp up your concept!

Are you using the best story format?

There are ideas which make better short stories than novels and novels which make better screenplays. What does your word count say about your story? Most writers never make it to chapter 2 BECAUSE they set off to write a novel when their idea would make for an incredible short story. The format is quite different and it makes all the difference. There are NO BAD IDEAS! Just bad formatting (”packaging”)!

What readers buy: cover, title, blurb

You know it: the cover sells! But how to pick the best cover? And what about the title? What you think sounds nice might be a no-no. And did you know that most people never open the book they buy? They only read what is on the back. If they love it, they’ll get it BUT if what they read do not match your blurb, they might leave a negative review. Sale to the right audience for maximum impact using those 3 key elements. Brainstorm with Laura and get these stuff perfect from the get-go!

Write your first non-fiction book!

You have an idea, you have some knowledge in the matter, but how do you package the product so it competes with the rest of the titles? Talk TITLE, CONTENT and marketing strategies before you start writing. There are 1000 ways to write THIS book, but only some of them will get you the success you deserve!

Author page, connecting to your audience, branding – you have to have it!

Most writers are introverts and can write day in and day out, but are completely overwhelmed when having to build a website or set up an Instagram account. This is 2020. If you are not on the internet, you don’t exist. Get the basic tips from Laura and become tech savy for the sake of your books!

Most professional consultants charge hundreds of $$$ for their opinion. But most writers are not professional, so they don’t require that level of expertise. Moreover, the more professional you are, the more you lose track of what a beginner writer needs. So ask the advice of authors who are just a couple of steps ahead so you learn how to get there. Once you know the basics, you can grow as a writer on your own.

Contact Laura if you need assistance with any problem while writing your books. The information you will get is priceless! Get more clarity from the very beginning and the confidence that YOU CAN DO IT!

Write the author below! Add more details about what you would like to discuss and you will also get a list of stuff to prepare before the call (Skype, Zoom) so you can make the best of your time!