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A not so feminist Christmas movie

Because Christmas is around the corner, my husband wanted to watch his favorite holiday movie, Christmas Vacation, with Chevy Chase as the patriarch of the Griswalds.


I also enjoy the movie and I remember loving it as a child. It‘s a good comedy. Seeing it again after many years, my opinion of it has changed quite a bit though. As a grown-up, I have interpreted it from a feminist point of view and I must say, this movie does not belong on my list of feminist movies. Why?

  • Misses Griswald is very pretty… and that compensates for her lack of brains; check out that cleavage! Plus, did you see how she behaves and the way she talks? Life-size Barbie right there! Stereotypical supporting female character.
  • Nowhere in the movie do we get a hint that she also has a job, so we suspect she is a housewife. Not that that‘s a bad thing. But still, she has two grown kids who could do well without a stay-at-home mom. I know I kept asking myself during the movie: does she just does not want to work or is she too stupid to hold down a job? Maybe if she had also had a job, her family would not have been so dependent on dad‘s Christmas bonus.
  • She and her daughter do the ‘‘girl-thing‘‘ and cook for the family while Mr. Griswald and his son are responsible for the ‘‘man-thing‘‘ and decorate the house‘s exterior with Christmas lights. Typical! Why, even in the modern movies, do the men meet for football&beer on the couch while their wives cook and chat in the kitchen!?
  • Let‘s not even talk about the low percentage of female characters and how little screen time and speaking lines they get.
  • However, let‘s not forget the movie was filmed in the late 80‘ – as if that‘s a good excuse for misogyny.
  • Oh, and heads up! The other Griswald movies are the same, so don‘t expect anything different!

From a feminist point of view, this movie belongs in the WOMEN AS PROPS FOR SHOW category.

If you want to have a good laugh with the whole family, I recommend it. If you want to see some Girl-Power, you‘d have more luck watching Powerpuff Girls.

BTW, my favorite holiday movie is The Grinch. The girl leaves the rich man for the poor and ugly Grinch? Talk about love conquers all!

How about your favorite Christmas movie? Are you still satisfied with it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Vacation ’89 (US Comedy)

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The first time I asked myself if I was a feminist


(Definition of “feminism” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)


I am aware that feminism has existed long before the suffragette movement and that a lot of women have been KICKING ASS in a lot of domains despite the patriarchic mentalities of the past. What I did not know, was that it was still a big deal in the 21st century.

A couple of years ago I saw it being brought up more in the media and promoted by amazing women like Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Serena Williams, Helen Mirren and many more. They were all saying that they were proud to be FEMINISTS.


That was my first thought.

Why do these women state the obvious? Yeah, ok. You’re a feminist, I’m a feminist, all women are feminists. Don’t we have other stuff to talk about?

It was after a couple of months that I realized what the big fuss was about.


I was born and raised in Romania, a country that had lived for over 40 years under communists before it turned into a democracy in 1989.

Now, I am not going to thank solely the communists for promoting a version of feminism in our country, because women have been working side by side with men since long before that. But it helped to nurture a mentality that promoted equal rights for women. They could study, work, vote, lead. They could do basically whatever they wanted – as long as they were supporting the party.

My grandmother, my mother, myself and my sister have never felt that we have been gender-discriminated against. We are all strong women and have experienced more success than the previous generation. My grandmother, unlike her mother in the early 1900s, went to school and went on to lead a team of workers in a factory. My mother was the first in her whole family to be accepted to study at a university. Me and my sister got the chance to travel the world and do things our mother couldn’t even dream of at our age.

So I was born in a society with a quite feminist-friendly mentality.

That was my privilege.

Of course other women did not share my luck and were born in countries where they are treated like second-hand citizens. They have the right to stand up for their rights. They NEED feminism.

So why does Emma Watson and other amazing ladies think we need feminism in CIVILIZED EUROPE/USA?


Am I a feminist?

I am – by default. I was one even before I knew what the word meant.

All women are – right? Which woman would be against feminism?


Turns out, there are plenty of women out there, in the WESTERN, CIVILIZED WORLD, that are anti-feminists.

And I was like: What? Hold up. What!?

To get an answer to my baffled WHAT!? I did some research, and my brain almost exploded when it was confronted with the most idiotic and illogic theories.

I will talk more about anti-feminism and why I believe it exists in another article (here – coming soon), because it is not the purpose of today’s story.

So the amazing women I mentioned before had a point. We need to be feminists, TODAY. Feminism is still being threatened and I am joining the ranks to keep promoting it and defending it. (check out my experiment on double standards – coming soon)

I am a feminist and I, just as the definition at the beginning of this article implies, fight against all sorts of discrimination because I believe FREEDOM is for every human on this planet.

Growing up in democratic Romania I thought FREEDOM was a given. For years I took it for granted. I could say that I was selfish, even though I did not know that I was doing it. Munroe Bergdorf was right – you cannot say that you do not discriminate if you do not do anything about the unfairness in the world.

I am a feminist and I am trying to make the world a better place through my actions and my writing.

I hope my readers feel and do the same. We need to work together to make OUR world a better place for everybody.