How to review books/movie/series like a PRO. My ABCDEs.

I am always looking for new, exciting books/series and movies. As an experienced scriptreader and writer, I am quite picky and usually decide after 10 minutes if a read or a production is worth my time. I can go with any genre - as long as the story is interesting and the characters are unique … Continue reading How to review books/movie/series like a PRO. My ABCDEs.

A not so feminist Christmas movie

Because Christmas is around the corner, my husband wanted to watch his favorite holiday movie, Christmas Vacation, with Chevy Chase as the patriarch of the Griswalds. As a grown-up, I have interpreted it from a feminist point of view and I must say, this movie does not belong on my list of feminist movies. Why?

How do you review movies/series? Here is my 5 Paws criteria.

When you are watching a show, you decide quite fast if it is worth watching or not. You usually don't do it consciously, you just feel it in your gut. Take a moment and think about it. How do you judge a movie/series? Here is my 5 Paws criteria. Looking forward to hearing your opinions:)