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Honest Review: The BOSS – a feminist movie with a lot of fart jokes and Tyrion Lannister

I was sick with the flu so I splurged on Amazon Prime, because that is what the modern human does. I saw some movies through a screenwriter/scriptreader perspective and some impressed me, some did not.

I saw 4 movies: Spectre (a James Bond movie; here is the review), Sisters (with Tina freakin’ Fey), The Internship (with Owen Wilson) and The Boss, which I will be discussing today.

If I had no idea that Spectre was a Bond movie, I would have probably said PASS on that screenplay. The same with The Boss. Or RECOMMEND some massive re-writes!

The Boss, or Melissa McCarty wearing a turtleneck for no apparent reason


Overall, the movie was ok, but had a horrible fight scene at the end. I don’t know how Peter Dinklage found that acceptable. Shame on you, Peter! (still ❤ you!). Then again, it was right up Melissa McCarthy’s alley. Her A-list title and her acting saved the not-so-awesome screenplay which she co-wrote.

The Boss is an American Comedy filled with fart-jokes, and when I say that I do not mean literal farts. A fart-joke in a movie is to me a very poor, sometimes badly placed, funny element, who would make idiots laugh, but to the normal audience it just feels out-of-place. One example is MM’s character tests a pull-out couch, but the strings backfire and smashes MM against the wall. The point of that? Have no idea.

Let’s do the laurasgotzthis ABCs:

A(action): I loved it. The opening scene after the Teaser was mind-blowing! MM on a freaking flying, burning… what was that? A lion? Brilliant. It had a lot of funny elements, some better than others. I liked the vibe the action sometimes had, filled with female empowerment. There was also a twisted live story in there, but I am not going to rob you of the joy of finding what that was on your own!

boss giff.gif

The MAJOR flaw was the final fight scene, when MM and Tyrion Lannister play it out with actual ninja swords! The F? Why? WHY!? Totally ruined it for me. I was going to give it a A because of the fart-jokes, but after that scene, the movie is a B- at best.

B(boom): Yes! MM loses everything – her money, friends and credibility! Awesome motivation to change your life around. Or is it…?

C(character): A lot of comedies do not focus on character development that much. The Boss is different. It gives a ”family movie” kind of feeling to it because of it. You get each character’s motivation and you can relate to them. I loved how the movie was female dominated and that MM played a very strong, however flawed, woman. + great acting, from all of the actors (including the funny guy who played in REAPER; why did they cancel that show!?)boss1

D(dialogue): Sometimes there was a lot of conversational/pointless dialogue, which I think Americans use to show character. No. It does not work. I bet people can find more clever ways to do it.


What is girl-on-girl action?


E(education): Yes! Women can kick ass in business. Women should take risks, like Kristen Bell, aka. Veronica Mars, did in this movie – a single mom quitting her job to start her own company and finally taking a chance on the nice guy at the office. Be assertive! Be a Darnell’s Darling!


I recommend this movie to feminists who want to have a good time 😀 It is not going to be the best movie of the year, but it will bring out some laughs and the acting is great!

Have fun and I would love to hear your view on this movie!


Laurasgotzthis Review

The Boss (an American Comedy)

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PLAY IN A DAY FESTIVAL 2018 – a tale of fun times and soul-searching

I have done some drama at school and during English Camps, but I kinda neglected acting during my studies.

I am glad I took it up again, and after some screenacting and improv classes I found a super Play in a Day Festival that I could accomodate around my fulltime day job.

I met the amazing team from TLS Frankfurt (Theater Language Studio ) last year and when they said they were doing this festival, I swore I will be part of it. I applied and got accepted as an ACTOR!

We all met on the 19th of January and the theme and teams were selected, each with a writer, director and a couple of actors.

#internationalfun #diversity

THEME: The road not taken

Michael, the writer, an American who runs a children’s theater company, asked all of us to share what the theme meant to us.

Esa, a Finnish sweetheart!, told us about his move to Germany and how it changed his life, finding a supporting partner and a great job.

Livio, our Italian in cool suspenders, told us that he has taken a sabatical after the show, to go back to Sardinia and reflect on his future, maybe open a B&B. His job was not as fullfilling anymore.

Lars, our beloved German director, shared how he had always wanted to be a scientist, much like Dexter in Dexter’s Laboratories ^^. He became a chemist and wanted a Phd scholarship in the USA, which he sadly did not receive. So he posed the question What would have been?

And then came I, the girl who once stood at the crossroad MEDICINE or LITERATURE, and took the decision with her brain and not with her heart. I said I will sacrifice about a decade to earn good money so I can support my writing. But I also posed Lars’s question – what would my life had become if I had take a different road?

After that Lars gave some last instructions and we all went home. Michael had to write all night long, while we slept. Well….we tried to sleep (so excited!).

The following day…

Michael had written us a marvelous play. Lars had already read it and he was literally crying with emotions. So we knew head-on that it was a drama.

We did one table-reading and it became clear to us that our brilliant writer had incorporated all of our stories. A WHAT IF story, called 2 roads divergent.

There were 3 characters: MAN, WOMAN, BROTHER.

Michael asked us to give them names. He suggested finding someone who inspires us, so I chose Lucy! (L.V. Hay – check out amazing writing tips here). Esa was John, Lucy’s love interest, and Livio was Gavin, Lucy’s supporting brother.

Lucy wants to become a writer and John is a painter and a supporter of the arts; both are quite poor. John asks Lucy to be his wife and he is willing to be the sole bread-earner so he could support her in becoming a famous writer. She does not want him to make that sacrifice.

We play 2 scenarios.


They both follow their dreams. John works in the hotel business, because he wants to get experience for when he will open a big B&B which will serve as an Artist’s Retreat.

Lucy is a freelance -poorly paid- writer and is working on her first novel. She is frustrated that John is working so much -to support her-, but Gavin is always there to encourage both of them to carry on.

Years later, Lucy is a New York Times Bestseller Author and John is running a very successful B&B for artists!


They both postpone their dreams to earn money at first. They are successful in non-artistic jobs, but they both neglect their passion. Gavin is always there to support them and remind them of what is important. It is LOVE that keeps John and Lucy together.

Years later, their business fails and they are bankrupt. It is that hardship that finally makes it clear to them that money is not important.

Lucy finds work as a paid blogger and John rents their apartment as a small B&B. They are finally taking the step they should have takes years ago.

It is never too late to change life directions!

We rehearsed the whole day and we were all quite comfortable in our roles.


We went on first and I must say I did not have stage fright, because I know, like any good actor, that the audience WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED! Plus I had full confidence in my amazing team mates! We did screw up some lines there and there, but we were all IMPROV actors so nobody really noticed 😀 Hihi.

The other 5 plays were awesome as well! They tackled subjects like FEMINISM, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY DRAMA and many more + there was a joke about a rabbit, a bear, a machine gun and a big pile of SHI%! Yes. That happened.

It was so much fun being part of an amazing festival, even though it only lasted 24h! I have learned a lot and I have met the most interesting people.

What I got out of this festival, besides the fun and new friendships, was a new outlook on my life. I will dedicate more of my time to writing and following my dreams. I will keep my day job because I have to eat… but I will publish my first book this year (with a passionate publisher and all!) and will definitely cut down my hours to work part-time. There is nothing more satisfying than doing something for yourself.

I recommend this festival and TLS Frankfurt to anyone who loves theatrical arts and having fun!

Will attend more of their workshops when I have to time to drive the 2h from Cologne, and I will definitely participate in the 2019 show!

See you there!