Good writing saves lives.

And that was my last medical pun for today!

Let’s talk dragons, fictional detectives and 7-steps to be happy!

Browsing through this website will lead you to samples of my writing, miscellaneous news and links to my other ventures. You can find a quick preview below.


Writing has been my hobby since I was a child, having developed children books, novels, screenplays etc. My first published project is my epic fantasy series, ”The Viscount of the lost Verentia” (VLV). The first 3 books in the series have been released in Romanian and book 1, ”The light of Trodheim’‘, has been translated into English and has be sent to literary Agents in 2020. Other book projects are partially finished and will be released once the VLV series gets established internationally.

The Viscount of the lost Verentia

A medieval YA fantasy series with strong Romanian influences, where adventure mixes with politics and reveals decades of secrets. Less Dracula, more dragons and a bunch of assertive female warriors!

Known as the Harry Potter of Romania, VLV has gathered thousands of local fans and is ready to conquer the rest of the world!


A modern psychological thriller revolving around an excentric psychotherapist and her new patient, a stubborned detective.

This project is a first draft. If you would like to be a beta-reader, let me know and I will send over the first chapters.


While working with my patients at my regular doctor job and counselling diverse women online, I was shocked to realise how disconnected they were with their own bodies, and that this was the reason for both their mental and their bodily pain. I figured out that they needed life-coaching more than they needed a physician. So I picked up coaching to better help my patients.

To make it all easier for both me, as a mentor, and my clients, I wrapped all the knowledge into a programme. Femindipity covers a 7-step healing method in each of the 7 developmental stages of a woman. It has had so much success with clinical patients, I decided to open it to the general public, to give every woman insight into this eye-opening method. All the standards will be detailed in the upcoming book, Connect with your feminine body, for which I am currently running interviews with many amazing women.

There are at least 2 medical books planned for 2020, aimed to educate women about their health through every stage of their lives. The first prints will be in Romanian, as part of my ongoing educational project.

Bottom line: 2020 is the magical year of my books!