Ready to write the story of YOUR life?

Many people set out to write a book in their lifetime, but most of them never even sit down to start their project, because they:

  • don’t know where to start
  • doubt they have what it takes to write a good story
  • have no one cheering them on!

The few who manage to complete their final draft face difficulties when it comes to editing, publishing and marketing, so that, in the end, even fewer books get the successful launch that they deserve!

FACTS ARE: Every story deserves to be told AND There are readers for any type of book.

SO never give up on your dream of sharing your story!

” Fear & doubt have stolen 10 years of my writing carrer. I remeber sitting on my couch and dreaming that someday I will get published. It was not until I took active measures that my life changed. Now I even run a publishing company, have great friends in the writing and film industry, and help others achive their own dreams of writing a book, which is the most satisfactory aspect of all. ”

L. S. Götz – author coach


Even The Greats started off with zero structure – all they had were a dream and a pen. With hard work, dedication and knowing the right people, they perfected their craft and each book got easier to write and bring out to the public.

First-time and even some seasoned writers get stuck because they are in ther heads most of the time, paralysed by doubt and fear. Thus a pleasant activity unwillingly turns into a strenous affair. While it has been said that creatives must suffer for their art, nowadays we can spare ourselves the pain by acting smart.

” I had to learn everything the hard way. If I had know there was an easier way, I would have spared myself the agony of my past and a lot of time and money! Writing is now the most natural thing for me and it feels like second nature to send a manuscript into production. ”

L. S. Götz – author coach

Is this what you want? To write with ease and have the confidence that your project will 100% see the light of day? No matter where you are in the writing process, it is never too late to seek the help of a professional author coach and get all the support you need.

Are you 100% determined to get published? Then learn from somebody who has already done it and speed up the process in ways you have never imagined! An author coach is just a WRITER who is a couple of steps ahead of YOU and is offering all her/his wisdom so you can officially become an author too!

How can an author coach help you?
  • you can bounce ideas back and forth, so you can work out your plot and structure (this is where 99% of writers struggle and stop!)
  • you get professional advice about the Title, Cover, Blurb
  • you get support when submiting to agents and publishing houses
  • if you decide to self-publish, you get a checklist of all aspects that need to get taken care of, including Marketing and Selling strategies
  • and, most importantly, a good author coach transforms your mindset, so you get all the self-confidence you need to carry out any other project!

yOUR DREAMS ARE WORTH IT! stop postponing them! decide now if you are 100% commited to work on offering your best story to the world!

” The lessons from a book will stay in our hearts forever, for we have read them with the eyes and lived them through the mind of our soul. We each need to learn our own lessons and since there are billions of us, we need billions of stories. ”

L. S. Götz -author coach

Are you 100% ready to start your journey of becoming a published authoR?

Laura and her team offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees in a 30 min. free consultation. Get in touch here.

Stick with Laura’s strategy and have your book in your hands in under 12 months!

Check out below how Laura and her team can help you finally achieve your dream of publishing your book.

Author support

Do you have an idea for a great book? Are you looking for any kind of support in regards to writing, publishing, cover design & co? Check here some free resources and consider asking a professional writer about the ins and outs of this incredible industry. If writing is your dream, Laura will gladly help you with your project!

publish your book

Writing the book is the easy part. It is the formalities of publishing that stop a writer in her/his tracks. Get here all the advice you need to pursue your dream of publishing and even check out Laura’s own Publishing House. The process is easy if you know the right people!

writing courses

Writing is 5% talent and 95% craft. The more you write, the better you get, but with the right tools, you can improve your skills in just a fraction of the time. Laura teaches vital notions in a simple yet impactful matter, so that you can get the clarity and motivation you need to write your story!

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