Author of Fiction and Non-fiction

Laura is a professional writer who began her literary career in school, publishing poems and short stories in various local papers. Her first novel (in Romanian) was the first book of the VLV series – The Viscount of the Lost Verentia (split now into volume 1 and 2), which she finished at the age of 17th, on the exact night that J. K. Rowling wrote the final scene in the last Harry Potter book. Coincidence or not, the series was acclaimed as being The Romanian Harry Potter, which drew international attention. The English version will be published in 2021.


Another English title planned for 2021/2022 is the psychological thriller trilogy SPLIT, currently undergoing a second rewrite.

Laura describes her relationship with writing as being ”a star crossed lovers” story, since her road to publishing had been a rather rocky one. She shares her struggle with finally accepting who she is as a woman, a doctor and a creative in the book: Women in the modern business world – your blueprint on how to lead yourself to a better life , which became an instant Amazon best-seller.

3 other non-fiction books are planned for a 2021 release, based on her work as a psychosomatic coach with over 10.000 women. It aims to disect femininity to its roots while analysing the body-mind-soul connection (available for pre-order soon).

Reconnect with your feminine body
Reconnect with your feminine soul

Reconnect with your feminine mind

To Laura, publishing is like second nature. With the help of her team, she finds satisfaction in supporting other writers to achieve their dream of holding a book with their NAME on the cover.

1st Romanian Anthology

The easiest way to publish fast is contributing to an anthology (multiple authors). Laura runs many of such projects, in 3 different languages, offering writers as young as 9-years old the chance to publish. Also interested in such an opportunity? Click here for details.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Like any writer, Laura dabbles in other literary genres and encourages other creatives to do the same.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Poetry is the purest form of literary expression. Laura’s rule for poetry: there are no rules. Write freely, let the words come, ignore the opinion of others. Write about love when you feel love, write down your darkest thoughts when you feel down. Find release in poetry.

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Laura warns writers who think that a screenplay is easier to create than a full time novel. There is an art in making your point in an one-pager and depict a whole universe in a treatment. Her experience in screenwriting has led Laura create an effective method by which novelist can structure their work in a logical and impactful way.

The long wait (10 min.)

Logline: Tension rises between three siblings dealing with the cancer diagnosis of their forth brother, while the later tries to bring humor in the morbid situation.

The million pounds conundrum (5 min.)

Logline: A family of welfare receivers ponder about what they would do with fictional Lottery money untill they find out that actually winning could mean the end of their comfortable lives.


Laura teaches that a play is the opposite of a script and shares the fact that most of the film-scripts that she consults on read like stage-plays. She thinks this is because pupils learn theater in school and scriptwriting either in college other self-taught later in life. Being dialogue driven, Laura likes to write dramatic comedies for various festivals.

Read here one of her latests produced play in 2020, Dirty Babushka, written for the PIAD Festival, Frankfurt.

Blogg- & Vlogging

Laura started this very website to record her writings and opinions of the literary world. As a doctor she started an online meducation (medical education) platform in Romania, which has impacted the health of hundreds of thousands of women. Transitioning to vlogging made her expand her skills in visual media and learn how to refine the messages she was sharing to the world.

A published book does not make you a writer, writing does. So write as much as you can, in any form, so you can discover your true voice. Is it childish, opinionated, critical? I have had more than one client who wasn’t clear about her/his message. Are you making people think? Is it positivity you wish to inspire or do you want to tell the ugly truth of ”the unfair society”? Find the consistency in your writing and you shall find your voice.” – L. S. Götz, author coach

jOURNALIST experience

Laura consults on articles as a medical expert, writes here own pieces and ocassionally acts as a ghost-writer for other professionals.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

” My mother told me I was quiet as a child and I remember other people calling me shy. I don’t know where I got my big mouth from as years went by, but I’d like to think my transformation began when I found my writing voice. ”

L. S. Götz – author coach

Photo: the official book lauch for VLV3 at Bookfest, 2019