VLV fantasy series

My dear English readers,

I finished my first Fantasy novel (my first ever finished novel) on the same January day in 2007 as J.K. Rowling finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.  And, purely coincidental, my lauch was exactly JKR’s publication day too: 26th June.

I am talking about the first book of the fantasy series called ”The Viscount of the lost Verentia” (VLV for short, or VVP, as in Romanian). ”The Light of Trodheim” is 300 pages long (June 2018) and it introduces all of us to the world of United Wallachia. The story continues in the 2nd book, ”The Children from the Mist” (November 2018). Book 3, ”The Queens’s Army” came out September 2019. The first book has been translated into English and has been sent to agents in The UK, USA and Canada.

The series is being promoted as a medieval fantasy with strong Romanian influences, where adventure mixes with politics and reveals decades of secrets. Less Dracula, more dragons, and a bunch of assertive female warriors! Join the ranks!

BLURB: 10 years have passed since the Revolution that brought the Wallachian counties together. There is peace in United Wallachia, but that is about to change. A mad criminal escapes from prison, mystical creatures roam the land and the capital is full of enemies of the crown. It is up to a 10-year old peasant and a teenage Dragon-Flyeress to assure their country’s stability.

Join the NEWSLETTER for updates about the book! If you love fantasy, then this is going to be one of your favorite series! You will find a reading sample at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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