Intro to Chapter XXXIII

What do you think of first when being called into your boss’s office? You too fear the worst, don’t you? And is it not the same when your loved ones want to talk to you? Do you not automatically assume it will be about something awfully uncomfortable that will disrupt your life? Why are we humans so negative? Continue reading Intro to Chapter XXXIII

Intro to Chapter XXX

Believe it or not, there are people who do not dream. Could you imagine not being able to dream? Yes, maybe we could do with fewer nightmares, but what about the beautiful, surreal visions which our mind can conjure while we sleep? How many times have we flown like birds or even kissed our crush, waking up with a sense of fulfillment? Dreaming is the most wonderful gift that our subconscious can offer us. Continue reading Intro to Chapter XXX

Intro to Chapter XXV

There is no living person out there who has not wished, at least once in his or her life, that they could be somebody else. Well, maybe not somebody else entirely, but a different version of themselves, a better version, a perfect version. Somebody who could do the things they normally could not. Many people drink because of this reason. Some go to therapy. Fewer become therapists. Continue reading Intro to Chapter XXV