SPLIT – a psychological thriller (2022)

When Dr. Isabela Richter is entrusted with the mental care of a detective by the MI6 director herself, she unwillingly gets entangled in one of London’s most mediatized cybercrimes. To solve the case, they’ll have to play the games of the criminal mind. Who will win, when each party involved is more unstable than the other?

NICE TO KNOW: the books were based on a screenplay written as a drama mini-series, which has gotten positive feedback from various writing competitions. The script benefited from a Table Read with professional actors and got notes from experienced screenwriters at the London Screenwriter’s Festival 2018.

Vol 1.
The broken clock

– the case of the fraudulent billionaire. A billionaire has allegedly been accused of fraud – with incontestable proof. Det. Silverman takes on the role of the devil’s advocate, hoping that a win would convince his mother to fully reinstate him and release him from his obligations with his therapist.

VOL 2.
The mother killer

– an open-and-shut case. A psychiatric patient is found holding the murder weapon next to his dead mother. This time, it is Dr. Richter who cannot accept the overwhelming evidence. Having to admit that her own patient commited the crime under her supervision, would mean having to accept the flaws of her methods.

VOL 3.
The color graveyard

– the case of a serial-killer. A series of gruesome murders lead back to Dr. Richter’s past and awaken her supressed memories. Det. Silverman and his team struggle to find the murderer before Isabela becomes the next victim.

Planned: Vol. 4. The beloved apprentice (partial outline) and Vol. 5. The other woman (partial outline).

PS: I see Rupert Grint playing the cheeky, stubborned detective!

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