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As soon as darkness fills the skies,

The demons in my head take pride

In the smoggy shredded capes they wear

And the sharpened rusty swords they bare.

They creep inside, towards my heart,

Down a soggy crooked path,

Where they gather into nests,

Like a pothole full of snakes.

My hands get shaky,

Bowels are squirming,

Eyes are weary,

Throat is burning

And my mouth opens so wide,

To let the daunting screams outside,

Before the lot of them ignite,

In my body full of fright.

The night is long,

my voice is loud,

tears are running to the ground,

Where my feet got stuck for ages.

No point in fleeing the disaster

Once the monsters have set up there.

The daylight shines, my cheeks are dry.

There are no more tears left to cry,

No words to shout, no move to make,

No demons to keep me awake.

The sheets await,

I lay to sleep,

My soul all drained,

But full of peace.

(Bild von Anemone123 auf Pixabay)


Summer feelings (for Simon)

For Simon, my crush at summer camp 2004.

Now that I think about it, I was 14 and he was 21… so no wonder he did not respond to my weird flirting 😀 Or he just did not want to go to jail 😀 Oh…youth…



Like the wind,

You blew my mind,

Swept me off my feet.

As close I am around you,

As hard it is to breathe.


Someone wake me up

Feels like a dream,

Heart won't stop floating.

And when you look at me,

I die instantly.


It is you who has

Opened my heart again,

Who made me cry.

I want to thank you, let's make a ball.

You are the best, you deserve it all.


I saw you dancing last night,

But the hand you were holding wasn't mine.

Mouth got dry, mind full of thoughts,

Heart wouldn't stop beating,

As jealousy captured me.


I tried to forget you,

Time and time again,

To return to just being friends,

No butterflies, no hidden tears,

Not another unslept night.


But how can I forget you?

Your eyes, your smile.

Your splendid way of being.

The way you made me feel,

Powerful and precious.


Just go on with your life,

Make a new bond, find a new girl,

But always remember and know,

No one can love you,

As much as I do.


It's hard for me to say goodbye,

As half of my soul is already numb.

And I can't even look you in the face,

Of fright of getting blind

From your halo that shines.


And all i want

It's just one kiss

Just one between the cheeks.

A kiss of life and happiness,

That lasts for eternity.


Farewell I say at last,

With tortured heart,

With fear and pain,

With the glittering hope that someday

We shall meet again.