Summer feelings (for Simon)

For Simon, my crush at summer camp 2004.

Now that I think about it, I was 14 and he was 21… so no wonder he did not respond to my weird flirting 😀 Or he just did not want to go to jail 😀 Oh…youth…



Like the wind,

You blew my mind,

Swept me off my feet.

As close I am around you,

As hard it is to breathe.


Someone wake me up

Feels like a dream,

Heart won't stop floating.

And when you look at me,

I die instantly.


It is you who has

Opened my heart again,

Who made me cry.

I want to thank you, let's make a ball.

You are the best, you deserve it all.


I saw you dancing last night,

But the hand you were holding wasn't mine.

Mouth got dry, mind full of thoughts,

Heart wouldn't stop beating,

As jealousy captured me.


I tried to forget you,

Time and time again,

To return to just being friends,

No butterflies, no hidden tears,

Not another unslept night.


But how can I forget you?

Your eyes, your smile.

Your splendid way of being.

The way you made me feel,

Powerful and precious.


Just go on with your life,

Make a new bond, find a new girl,

But always remember and know,

No one can love you,

As much as I do.


It's hard for me to say goodbye,

As half of my soul is already numb.

And I can't even look you in the face,

Of fright of getting blind

From your halo that shines.


And all i want

It's just one kiss

Just one between the cheeks.

A kiss of life and happiness,

That lasts for eternity.


Farewell I say at last,

With tortured heart,

With fear and pain,

With the glittering hope that someday

We shall meet again.


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