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As soon as darkness fills the skies,

The demons in my head take pride

In the smoggy shredded capes they wear

And the sharpened rusty swords they bare.

They creep inside, towards my heart,

Down a soggy crooked path,

Where they gather into nests,

Like a pothole full of snakes.

My hands get shaky,

Bowels are squirming,

Eyes are weary,

Throat is burning

And my mouth opens so wide,

To let the daunting screams outside,

Before the lot of them ignite,

In my body full of fright.

The night is long,

my voice is loud,

tears are running to the ground,

Where my feet got stuck for ages.

No point in fleeing the disaster

Once the monsters have set up there.

The daylight shines, my cheeks are dry.

There are no more tears left to cry,

No words to shout, no move to make,

No demons to keep me awake.

The sheets await,

I lay to sleep,

My soul all drained,

But full of peace.

(Bild von Anemone123 auf Pixabay)


A gracious way to …

There is something that I cannot deny –

Something horrid, dark and vile,

Trapped in a hidden corner

Inside my troubled mind.


It has a voice,

It has a spine,

It has two hands,

Which control mine.


I dare not shut one of my eyes,

Or It will grab me by surprise,

Drag me down that wretched road,

From which there’s no coming back no more.


My gaze is thrown upon that stool,

Upon that sturdy rope of wool,

A dangling latter to the sky,

A slow and gracious way to…

(Bild von Jonny Lindner auf Pixabay)