Your story, your memory

Stories are about making amazing memories.

Do you remember the kiss your mother gave you 
on the forehead 
as you were tucked in bed reading a story?

Do you remember the scare you had 
listening to horror stories 
around the camp fire?

Do you remember the sweaty palms you had 
when the love of your life 
shared with you their story?


Do you remember YOUR story?


Your first beer,

The first time you drove,

That first kiss,

The birth of your child.

The laughter, the suffering,

The good and the bad,

The new and the old,

That time when you realized who you were.


Do you remember those stories?

The one that your mother read about that rabbit, 
the one that your friend told about the monster, 
the one that the love of your life shared about their dreams and hopes.

You do remember them. 
They are YOUR stories. 
Pass them on.


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