Live forever

How can you live a longer and more fulfilling life?

Through a story.

-be a man, be a woman, be a child;

-be a doctor, be a pirate, be a wizard;

-on a boat, in the woods, on the tallest roof of Paris;

-drive a tank, sail a yacht,  fly a dragon!

-travel through time, go to the end of the world, step on the moon;

-cry and laugh and fall in love;

-die more deaths and be reborn;

Let the story of others become the story of you and you will live their lives through:

-a book on the train,

-a movie at home,

-a chat at the pub,

-a song in the park,

Their stories will become timeless through you and they will live forever.

Share your story too and live forever.

Share it.



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