A night story

Let me tell you a story 
about a couple of scruffy kids, 
all tucked up in bed 
in a shabby hut 
on a frosty night, 
listening to an old grandma telling tales before a sizzling fire.

She shared the stories her elders told her, 
the stories their elders told them, 
the stories that date back at the beginning of time.

The tales were about witty children and fearless men, 
about daring maidens and ruthless kings, 
about the earth and the skies, 
about the hills and the seas, 
about fire and ice.

And the kids gasped, 
and they laughed 
and they cried. 
They rejoiced, 
and they hugged, 
and they hid to cover their eyes.

And all that happened because of a story 
told in that hut, 
on that night.


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