Intro to Chapter XIX

´´We all have that closet. It is filled with repressed memories and feelings, it is haunted by the ghosts of past relationships and reeks of regret. There are dozens of locks and bolts that keep it shut and we only open it to throw something new inside. Nothing is ever allowed to come out, everything must remain undisturbed. But everything in that closet is alive and every little thing is interconnected. That is why, if only one painful piece of that inventory escapes, more will soon follow. And then all hell breaks loose.´´


”The Split” is my first completed English novel and is a 3-part series.
The first volume ”The broken clocks” introduces Dr. Isabela Richter, a psychiatrist, and detective Jackson Silverman, a war veteran working for Scotland Yard.
The action takes place in London – UK and it’s surroundings.
The SPLIT – A modern mystery novel about a detective injured in the line of duty who has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.
Interested in reading more? Contact me for a free reading sample! I am always interested in feedback! 🙂

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