Intro to Chapter IV

A good night’s sleep compares to nothing in the world. That is why so many people abuse pharmaceuticals. Jackson was never an addict. It was not in his nature to have a deep and meaningful relationship with anything. But pain can drive one mad and his shoulder was not fully healed. Our detective mixed alcohol with painkillers because he could. Because he thought he could manage it. His psychiatrist would have had a different view on things; if she knew what he was doing.



”The Split” is my first copleted English novel and is a 3-part series.
The first volume ”The broken clocks” introduces Dr. Isabela Richter, a psychiatrist, and detective Jackson Silverman, a war veteran working for Scotland Yard.
The action takes place in London – UK and it’s surroundings.
The SPLIT – A modern mystery novel about a detective injured in the line of duty who has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.
Interested in reading more? Contact me for a free reading sample! I am always interested in feedback! 🙂

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