Intro to Chapter II


            It was not as if Jackson had never stepped foot into a psychiatrist’s office before. He did it after every Afghanistan tour he had. So twice. There were multiple sessions, of course, all in fancy offices in London, overlooking the Thames and the Eye. All of his army buddies also went to the psychiatrist. That was and is standard practice. What Jackson did not know was that they all went to a different one, in a shabby building next to Hackney Central Station.
”The Split” is my first copleted English novel and is a 3-part series.
The first volume ”The broken clocks” introduces Dr. Isabela Richter, a psychiatrist, and detective Jackson Silverman, a war veteran working for Scotland Yard.
The action takes place in London – UK and it’s surroundings.
The SPLIT – A modern mystery novel about a detective injured in the line of duty who has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.
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