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Quote of the Day #3

What is your view on Rebounds?

Here are more thoughts on Rebounds from my soon to be published book:

Chapter XV.

At the appropriate amount of time after a breakup, one needs to get back on that horse. That poor, poor, miserable horse. The majority of rebounds never end in a serious relationship, because every broken heart needs training wheels at first. …



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Quote of the Day #1

What is your view on Paranoia?

Here are more Paranoia thoughts from my soon to be published book, SPLIT – The broken clocks:

Chapter XIV

What is paranoia anyway? Is it not healthy to always be careful and aware of your surroundings? It is a jungle out there, and everything and everyone is trying to kill you.

Paranoia is actually pathological. But what do you call it when you are right? When in fact you are always being watched – always.

Chapter XXIX

Did you know that paranoia is contagious? Just walk on a busy street and then stop and look at the sky all of a sudden. You will notice how others will quickly follow your gesture and gaze paranoid at the sky. This behavior is engraved in our DNA and is essential for our survival.




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