Self-expression in 3 words: SHOW. TELL. WRITE.

In a world where most people want to be like everybody else, I am an activist for self-expression. I belive that love, especially self-love, is the key to a happy and fulfilled life, for when you truly love yourself, then you will automatically and subconsciously take any decision in your favor.

Love yourself unconditionally and always be unapologetically you.


In my over 10 years of experience as a holistic medical professional I have helped tens of thousands of women with physical, phychological and spiritual ailments. The best self-help-tool I could give them was self-love.

My unique approach to therapy is based on my trainings as a gynecologist, psychosomatic consultant and life-coach, which have earned me the nickname ”The Woman Whisperer” (Frauen-Flüsterer -DE), given by my lovely patients.

During these challenging times, I am happy to reach my audience online and contribute to the world’s wellbeing as a meducator – an educator in the medical field.

Besides speaking arrangements and trainings I spend my time writing: fiction, non-fiction, blogging. I also run my own publishing company, helping authors create their books in 3 different languages.

I am living in my purpose, expressing myself to the fullest through every channel, and encouraging others to do the same.

Self-expression in 3 words: SHOW. TELL. WRITE.

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