The Viscount of the lost Verentia (Vicontele Verenței Pierdute) – Series

Website: www.my-vvp.com (Romanian)


10 years have passed since the Revolution that has united the wallachian counties. There is peace all around United Wallachia, but that is about to change. A mad criminal escapes from prison, mystical creatures roam the land and the capital is full of enemies of the crown. It is up to Justin Mojic (English = rascal), a 10 year old peasant, and Liliana Venom, a 16 year old dragon-flyer, to assure their country’s stability.

Language: Romanian (English version late 2019)

Original Volumes:

  1. The Light of Trodheim (Lumina lui Trodheim) – ca. 350 pages (A4) *new info: because of logistics, the book has been split up in 2 (else it was going to be 600 pages long! thanks to my editor and publisher for an amazing teamwork!); New titles: The Light of Trodheim and The Children of the Mist (Copiii din ceață)
  2. The Warrior Shadow (Umbra razboinica) – ca. 400 pages (A4) – split up into The Queen’s Army and The Game of Shadows
  3. The Regency (Regenta) – ca. 400 pages (A4)
  4. The 13th Legion (Legiunea 13) – ca. 400 pages (A4)
  5. The Traitor (Tradatorul) – ca. 400 pages (A4)
  6. The Flyer Princess (Printesa Zburatoare) – ca. 400 pages (A4)
  7. The Fate of the Queen (Destinul Reginei) – ca. 400 pages (A4)
  8. The Heir (Motenitorul) – ca. 400 pages (A4)


The Split – Series


Psychiatrist Isabela Richter has been  self-medicating for over 5 years in order to forget the horrors of her past and control her split personalities. When her medication suddenly stops working, she decides to get back to her normal life but finds it hard to readapt, especially when the voices in her head reappear. She shortly finds herself overwhelmed with treating her numerous patients while personally needing professional help. Moreover, she develops prohibited feelings for detective Jackson Silverman, a man who she both treats and with whom she investigates the gruesome murder surrounding one of her other patients. How long will she be able to endure the hectic reality before craving the numbing effect of psychiatric medication again?

Language: English

Original Volumes:

  1. The broken clocks (editing process – split into 2 separate novels)
  2. The color killer (draft completed)
  3. The beloved apprentice (partial outline)
  4. The other woman (partial outline)

Other projects – in progress.


Feature screenplay Pitches, first drafts:
  1. Family matters: A Drama about psychotherapist Lorry, who wants the support of her family after having suffered a miscarriage,  but ends up having to solve their problems instead and thus neglecting her own mental health, ending up on the verge of death.
  2. Plastics: A Rom-Com about Ally, a chubby major Fashion Designer’s assistant, launches a clothing line for supermodels while facing criticism from her best friend and struggling with her own unhealthy views about herself.
  3. Bad Lawyer: A Comedy about Jena, a tomboy meets trailer-park-mom lawyer, has to unwillingly represent the mob in a murder trial case while facing attempts on her life from another criminal organisation.
 SPLIT (check out the Novel here)
Logline: A detective has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.
1. The million pounds conundrum (5 min.) – check it here
Logline: A family of welfare receivers ponder about what they would do with fictional Lottery money untill they find out that actually winning could mean the end of their comfortable lives.
2. The long wait (10 min.) – check it here
Logline: Three siblings try to console their cancer-sick brother, while each trying to deal with the diagnosis on their own.


Poetry – here

Cartoons – here