Before I started learning how to write screenplays, I though I was a good writer. After years on working on screenplays I can say I became a better novelist because I strived to be a good screenwriter. Both writing techniques are different, but they all relly on the same backbone: outline. Now I am an outline freak, with many projects hanging as post-its on my office wall. Living the dream!
Feature screenplay Pitches:
  1. Family matters: A Drama about psychotherapist Lorry, who wants the support of her family after having suffered a miscarriage,  but ends up having to solve their problems instead and thus neglecting her own mental health, ending up on the verge of death.
  2. Plastics: A Rom-Com about Ally, a chubby major Fashion Designer’s assistant, who launches a clothing line for supermodels while struggling with her own body-image.
  3. Bad Lawyer: A Comedy about Jena, a tomboy meets trailer-park-mom lawyer, who has to unwillingly represent the mob in a murder trial case while facing attempts on her life from another criminal organisation.
 SPLIT (check out the Novel here)
Logline: A detective has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.

10 Episodes of this mini-series are written and are the basis of the 3 Books. It can either be a stand-alone series or at least 3 complete seasons (plot for at least 30 episodes).

1. The million pounds conundrum (5 min.) – check it here
Logline: A family of welfare receivers ponder about what they would do with fictional Lottery money untill they find out that actually winning could mean the end of their comfortable lives.
2. The long wait (10 min.) – check it here
Logline: Three siblings try to console their cancer-sick brother, while each trying to deal with the diagnosis on their own.