Dr. Götz is opened to all sort of collaborations and is happy to contribute with her medical, writing, coaching experience.

Languages: English, German, Romanian.

Fees: will be discussed individually; most projects are made through collaborations and service exchange.

We ask that you send your query through the Contact form (no official requests over social media).

Queries about the writing process (novels, screenwriting)

Fan interaction on Instagram

From traditional publishing, to social media marketing and even self-publishing, Dr. Götz has done it all. She has trained with experts in the industry (Lucy V Hay, Scott Myers, Charles Harris) and is in constant contact with authors all over the world. At the request of her Romanian fans (the VLV fantasy books) she runs an online creative writing class in Romanian on Youtube (link).

Because of her double expertise, she can help you with the medical issues you bring up in your book better than a regular doctor.

Coach / speaker

Thanks to adequate training and years of volunteering in diverse organisations, where she held multiple presentations on a wide variety of topics, Dr. Götz manages to capture the attention of any type of audience and engage them personally in order to provide a more valuable experience. Her energy is empowering!

LIVE Facebook video

Through her online blogging/vlogging, she has gathered imense experience in front of the camera and has gathered praise for her clarity of speech, adapted acording to the subject and audience listening in (patients, fellow writers, children). Versatility is one of her most valuable attributes. Feminism? Dealing with and overcoming pregnancy loss? Balancing motherhood and your career? How to still kick-ass while menstruating?

She is an outspoken supporter of women’s rights and applies the saying WOMEN NEED TO BE HEARD in any personal interraction. Her patients have called her their ”best friend” and fans see her as ”inspiring”. Test the method that will be presented in her upcoming book for yourself!

A first 10-minute get-to-know coaching session is free! Be aware, You. Will. Be. Asked: What do YOU want to do in life?

Expert medical consultant

Due to her double expertise, Dr. Götz will not only answer your medical related question, she might also help you structure your article/project/etc.

One of the schemes used to explain the PAP-Smear

As a student, Dr. Götz taught Sex-Ed courses in Romanian schools and held many scientific presentations before large audiences. She feels comfortable discussing all topics with teenagers of both sexes (including LGBTQ) and her explanations are adapted accordingly.

For the adult audience, she can carry on a competent presentation on the propossed medical subject (eventually bring in other experts to join the discussion) and she is an expert in handling Q&As using a language adapted to the audience.

Online patient care (only women)

An example of written patient Q&A from the Romanian blog

Online doctors save patients a trip to the medical practice, but do not manage to give precise advice in all cases. Only a real physical interaction can differentiate, for eg., an acute Appendicitis from a normal Ovarian Cyst. You adress your question fully aware of this fact, as Dr. Götz takes no accountability for complications. You will always be advised to make an appointment with your regular doctor or present yourself in the ER. After the first inquiry, you will receive details about the type of communication required in your case (written communication or LIVE chat, sharing results, payment).

Dr. Götz has training in psychosomatic therapy BUT only treats women (German law does not allow gynecologists to treat men). In Germany, all GPs and Gynecologists have this kind of training as a requirement in order to carry on practising.

A psychosomatic illness reffers to a physical condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress. For eg., minor depression can manifest itself through abdominal pain alone. Stomach pain might just be because of anxiety. IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) is another example.

The sessions are not long (ca. 40 min). Usually one is enough. Psychosomatic therapy is actually a supportive discussion about the subject that stresses the patient and does not go as deep into the matter as psychotherapy (carried on by psychologists, psychotherapists or other specially trained professionals). If needed, you will be reffered to other specialists.

Who might need this therapy: women who deal with los, especially after a miscarrige; women who feel overwhelmed in their daily lives; women dealing with a cancer diagnosis/operation; LGBTQ teenagers going trough transitions (if you identify as a female, you can seek a consult). THIS sort of talk should be with your own regular doctor, but, since it takes too long, many refrain from offering extended psychical counselling. After a session with Dr. Götz you will feel relieved, optimistic about the future and you would have gained more insight in what caused your psychosomatic disease, plus advice how to handle your symptoms (usually without any medication).

Prerequisite for this sort of therapy: depending on the case, you might be required to bring proof that your symptoms have been cleared by another physicians as non-organic -an official psychosomatic diagnosis.

Questions are usually answered in under 24h.

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