Book Project

”Connect with your feminine body” will tackle the 7 female developmental stages and how to resolve the psychosomatic blockages in each of them. Get to know Laura as a medical professional and contribute to this formidable book project. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will help other women activate the overwhelming energy they never knew they had! Request a collaboration now! – click here.


Dr. Laura Götz works daily with female patients as a gynecologist in Germany. In her experience, she has come across women who dealt with PAIN and LOSS in all areas and stages of life, she listened to their stories and came up with a holistic approach in treatment.

Women have a high threshold for pain, so, if there is no biological reason to be found, it doesn’t mean that we should stop searching. Every symptom, no matter how ridiculous, needs to be taken seriously. Pain can have a psychological cause and our minds won’t be healed by a pill, here and there. Physicians are prescribing antidepressants like candy only because they are overwhelmed and clueless themselves! Time and patience are the cure.

Thousands of women have been helped online.

Dr. Götz is already a well-known medical professional after starting a blog in her birth-country, Romania, as she saught to help women online. Her Facebook group Femei de la A la Z (Women from A to Z) already has over 15.000 members and her website is accesed daily by hundreds of users. Her work is purely volutarily, as the medical system is deeply flawed in assiting women and their particular needs.

Her passion for helping her patients as a WHOLE and not as CASES has been her motivation to pursue an intensive research into her field, in order to develop new therapeutical strategies.

Most of the patients are bodily healthy women, but experience mental blockages. Unexplicable pain is the most common symptom in my medical field. With the technique I have developed, I hope to bring the comfort that these amazing women deserve. No need for a psychotherapist in most cases – just a lot of self-reflection while following my method.

Unofficial book cover

Wanting to help as many women as possible, her ideas turned into a book after getting inspired from one of the lead female-empowerment speakers worldwide (accreditations in the book). The project will be released in 2020.

A false femininity is being imposed on us since birth. Once we accept our true, organic femininity, then we can grow into the real and strong version of ourselves.