Laura S. Götz – life coach

I help women unearth their true self and use it to its full potential in order to lead a more fulfilled life.

My coaching method was developed on the premise that women, while fighting for equality, have adopted more and more masculine traits and that their femininity got lost along the way. This led to a pathological dissociation between their conscious and subconscious image of WHO they really are. Women living with this conflict have trouble reaching the level of fulfillness they deserve and are not even aware there is even a problem. What I get from them is often ”I am unhappy / or scared, but I don’t know WHY.”

For me it is very fulfilling to see other sisters bloom after our chats and workshops. Changing lives is why I chose this profession from the beggining!

During our work together, I will pass on both the knowledge that has been given on to me by my mentors and all of the valuable human information I have accumulated after years of observations while treating thousands of people from diverse backgrounds.

To make it all easier for both me as a mentor and my clients, I wrapped all the knowledge into a programme. Femindipity covers a 7-step healing method in each of the 7 developmental stages of a woman. It has had so much success with clinical patients, I decided to open it to the general public, to give every woman insight into this eye-opening method. YOU can choose to start from whichever stage you want, or have a look at it from the beginning. No matter what you do, you will find out that you have to go and grow through all of the stages in oder to heal as a whole!

Femindipity is life-coaching, dating-coaching, business-coaching, you name it! Once you discover who you really are and what drives you forward, you can tailor the Univers around YOUR needs. Take me as your guide on this path to discovery and be amazed at the incredible person waiting at the end!

Femindipity will make you awe at yourself – at what you truly are, what powers lie within and what you can do!

Curious to find more about yourself, find your purpose in life and live every day with meaning? Book a FREE get-to-know session on the official website

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