Check this video and get inspired! A small effort for a sustainable future – join the movement to slow down climate change

First of all, let’s all thank platforms like Facebook for the GOOD stuff – these great motivational videos (posted below; I cried). Thanks Facebook, for spreading the word!

True fact: climate change has always been there, since the beginning of time. Dinosaurs have lived in far worst conditions than us today. The Earth changes dramatically every so often, and so does its climate. But the modern HUMAN is accelerating these changes to a point where the Earth cannot adapt as fast.

People ask: why should kids skip school of Friday, the 15th of March? How does that help climate change?

It helps a lot!

1. Lots of these kids will join protests to send a message to the Government. Their voices will be loud, and they will be heard by some leaders (very few; the majority of countries still shi$ on the common man). Therefore, some Governments will take some action. Some is better than none.

2. Your KID will learn to fight for what he or she believes in. If that is not a lesson for life, I don’t know what is. PLUS, these kids learn that they are never alone in the fight. Your KID will have more balls than you, and that is a great thing to look forward to!

Ok. So the majority of schools around the world won’t close down their activities (let’s be honest). But what could/should they do?

Activities that promote a sustainable future. Kids should learn about recycling, renewable energies and what not.

Fine. The school your kid goes to is not that progressive, so they don’t f°*king care about climate change.

Teach your kid yourself how to BE THE CHANGE on Marth 15th. If every child on the planet would stop active pollution (like throwing garbage in the forest during a trip) we will notice a massive change. Learn together how to make small contributions to the fight against climate change.

You can’t change the Government by sitting at home, but maybe you can help the Earth stay cleaner.

Act sustainable. Your small effort counts. Doing something is still better than doing nothing.

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