Night shifts – one more reason for women to get pregnant NOW


It’s not an actual advice, but it is something I have picked up on since the first day I started working as a doctor.

If you work in a hospital, you’ll have shifts: night shifts, weekend shifts, holiday shifts – in all sort of combinations. Working like that is strenuous (sometimes no time to pee!), brings your whole body off balance and it is a bi*ch for your social/love life.

You can’t work 8 to 5 in a hospital, unless you are in management (earn loads of money for not doing much + sitting in a chair and checking your Facebook page).


Sorry, boys. Guess you are out of luck.


In the modern world, pregnant women have better work conditions:

  • Usually a maximum of 8 hours/day
  • No weekends
  • No night shifts
  • All holidays OFF!
  • + if you do have a kid, if the kid gets sick, you have extra sick days just so that you can stay home with your kid! (Ehm, yeah, my kid has… a bit of fever. I’ll stay home today. K, bye!)

Some are even forbidden to do activities that would endanger the baby. Some even need to/are forced to stop working (radiology staff).

All the while (usually) being FULL PAID! And they are not allowed to FIRE you!

So, ladies, if you want to have a short break from your job, get that UTERUS ready!

Sadly, there are some negative aspects we need to talk about:

  • Not all countries have laws that protect pregnant women (the Scandinavian countries have one of the best supportive system for both stay-at-home and working mothers; the US, not so much)
  • Working shifts interferes with women’s fertility, so it is harder for them to get pregnant (talk about vicious cycle)
  • Hospital staff is more than 50% female, so that means if many women get pregnant at the same time, the other colleagues have to pick up the BAD shifts (management won’t usually hire someone new; tooooo expensive; just let the mules work)
  • Getting pregnant just so that you don’t have to work as much? What kind of a reason to start a family is that?

In Obstetrics/Gynecology, over 90% of staff is female. Now that is a lot of uterus power. And I swear, there has never been a moment when none in my hospital ward wasn’t pregnant. Of course management is not happy about it and of course the colleagues are not thrilled to pick up extra shifts. But the law is the law (thank God) and people need to be allowed to reproduce, right?

Decades ago in Germany (and constantly in other countries today), women have been discriminated against because of their ability to bear children. A young woman would compete with a man over a job? The man would get it. Why? Many sexist reasons, one being that he couldn’t get pregnant.

An older colleague told me that she had a friend (also a gynecologists) who had 2 children and wanted to change jobs. Her new boss told her he would hire her, but only if she ‘’hands him her uterus on a plate’’. No kid. The dude wanted her to have a hysterectomy. What the F word!?

What’s the situation in your country?

What is your opinion on the matter?

Would love to share views!

All the best,





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