Feminism and Equity

In the previous article I have talked about how Feminism focuses on equality. How feminism is actually another word for equality. How being equal contributes to all of our happiness.

Truth be told, equality can never be fully accomplished. It is foolish to belive that by giving everybody equal rights and not discriminate, we have solved injustice.

These children both dream of becoming astronauts.


The academy accepts both girls and boys. Who has a better chance to someday get into the academy and fulfill their dream?

If you said that the boy has better chances, it does’t mean that you are sexist. You have taken many other factors into account before you made that decision. And you are probably right.

I mentioned Privilege in the previous article and how it can influence feminism.

If feminism is another word for equality, then privilege is another word for equity.

I found this great video on Facebook (congrats to the makers!). Privilege 101. Take the minute to view it.


Still need more visuals to make you understand equity?

This should help.

Image result for equality and equity

How about this? Better?

Image result for equality and equity

Giving equal rights to everybody is great! That is step 1!

Giving them equal chances is still a major problem and I belive that it can never be solved, but it does not mean we should not strive to change things!

I’ve said it before. First thing you need to do is CHECK YOUR OWN PRIVILEGE!

You can see my profile picture. I am privileged. I know that.

That does not mean I HAVE TO dedicate my life to helping others. Nobody is forcing me to become Mother Theresa. Nobody is forcing YOU to do the same. Whatever I do, is not because of white-guilt and I belive that should never be the motivation.

I do my share, just as you do yours. We don’t have to boast. Every little thing counts.

Every little thing to assure equity.

You can volunteer in poor countries and literally put your hands in the dirt! Or you can donate to development projects in those countries while enjoying your comfortable life back home. Hey, go wild and help the neighbors across the street who struggle to feed their kids!

Assuring equity does not mean giving up your privilege, it means helping others get theirs. If you donate to build a school in Africa, you can assure that hundreds of children get the proper education they need in order to maybe, one day, become astronauts.


It is great that you do not discriminate.

It is great that you are a feminist.

The next step is actively supporting equity.

Everybody has the equal right to be happy, but for that, everybody has to be given equal chances!





(Photos from Pixabay.com – Thanks!)

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