SPLIT – a mystery novel series

”Split”, my first completed English novel series, is centered around detective Jackson Silverman, a war veteran working for Scotland Yard, and Dr. Isabela Richter, his excentric psychiatrist.

Logline:  SPLIT – A modern psychological thriller about a detective who has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.

When det. Jackson Silverman gets injured in the line of duty, his own mother suspends him from work, and the only way to get reinstated, is to seek psychiatric help from a dr. of his mother’s choosing. Little does he know of his therapist’s dark past, as he slowly gets dragged into trouble, which further threatens his mental stability. 

Psychiatrist Isabela Richter has been  self-medicating for over 5 years in order to forget the horrors of her past and control her split personalities. When her medication suddenly stops working, she decides to get back to her normal life but finds it hard to readapt, especially when the voices in her head reappear.

Who is saving who in this story? Can two broken people save one another, when they can’t even save themselves?


Vol 1. ”The broken clock” – the case of the fraudulent billionaire. A billionaire has allegedly been accused of fraud – with incontestable proof. Det. Silverman takes on the role of the devil’s advocate, hoping that a win would convince his mother to fully reinstate him and release him from his obligations with his therapist.

Vol 2. ”The bloody trenchcoat” – the case of the mother killer. A psychiatric patient is found holding the murder weapon next to his dead mother. This time, it is Dr. Richter who cannot accept the overwhelming evidence. Having to admit that her own patient commited the crime under her supervision, would mean having to accept the flaws of her methods.

Vol 3. ”The color killer” – a series of gruesome murders lead back to Dr. Richter’s past and awaken her supressed memories. Det. Silverman and his team struggle to find the killer, before Isabela becomes the next victim.

Attention! Spoilers ahead!

I have published the first lines of each chapters on this website. Each tackles a mini-theme of its own, and I hope it will make you curious to read more + share your own opinions about the theme.

(!)During editing, the book structure will most definetly be changed)

The first lines of each chapter: Poem, Prologue, Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V, Chapter VI, Chapter VII, Chapter VIII, Chapter IX, Chapter X, Chapter XI, Chapter XII, Chapter XIII, Chapter XIV, Chapter XV, Chapter XVI, Chapter XVII, Chapter XVIII, Chapter XIX, Chapter XX, Chapter XXI, Chapter XXII, Chapter XXIII, Chapter XXIV, Chapter XXV, Chapter XXVI, Chapter XXVII, Chapter XXVIII, Chapter XXIX, Chapter XXX, Chapter XXXI, Chapter XXXII, Chapter XXXIII.

Interested in reading more? Contact me for a free reading sample! I am always interested in feedback! 🙂





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